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    hello, i day trade for a living. i made 2 million dollars last year. this year, i am up 1,250,000 so far. i want to raise 100million dollars to day trade. if anyone is interested in investing with me. send me an IM.
    i know a lot of people find it hard to day trade. but fortunately i have mastered it. i can help you become rich too, congo style.
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    Thanks for early afternoon laugh.
  3. ggoyal


    would you look at this joker
  4. That's funny, your first post says you made $75 dollars in one day trading cow dung. This sounds like a Nigerian scam.
  5. Congoboy, how you doing freind, pal buddy??? My checks on the way! Getting in and out of the market with 100M will be super easy!

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    Just sent you my bank account info, check pm.
  7. Below is his first post, he "makes" $75.00 a day, somehow that translates into 2 million a year.

    oh, and mods have determined his IP address is from Colorado. Last I checked that wasn't in Africa. :D

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    no no. me no scam. me for real. i really want to day trade with other peoples money. it will give me more confidence and i will be able to get better returns. i made about 1.5 million dollars so far this year. i am a day trader, so whether market goes up or goes down, i always make a lot of money.

    so far i have convinced my fellow villagers here in nigeria to invest in me so i can make them rich and help them get their american dream. i havent receieved any im's from any of u so far. this is ur only chance.
  9. Bro, ip address is on record, you are in Colorado. The jig is up :D

  10. \

    I don't think it ever was going... its just some nice comic relief :p
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