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Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by ggoyal, Jan 22, 2007.

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    Hi guys, i have been day trading for about a year now. here's my story. im still in college, but i do pretty well. I started with about $5000. my account is $57,853 now. actually the account is in my dads name.
    but anyway, i trade only 2-3 times a week because i do have to finish my damn undergraduate. I trade mostly in the morning when the market is volatile. Here's what I do-I go to yahoo finance and look at the price % gainers. I do this at around 8:30 am. then most of the time i long 1000 stocks of the company i pick.
    I usually buy stocks in the range of $1-$10. It's just a mental block. i could probably buy 2000-4000 stocks, but im just scared of losing.

    it does pretty well. if i dont make about $200 bucks in the 1st 30 min., i just scalp for $20,30,40. sometimes, i make 400-500 in a single trade. But i usually like to long cause if i short and there is a sudden jump, i could lose.

    basically, i scalp the rest of the day. But its kinda hard to make money in the middle of the day.

    my email is i want to know more day trading strategies and secrets to make more moneyduring the day. Seriously, the degree is only a back up if i miraculously blew up my account. I dont like to trade on margin cause its seriously not worth the risk. maybe if i was properly trained.

    I plan on trading full time after graduation. The only thing that could mess me up is if get caught up in the moment and make risky trades. Hasnt happened yet. anyway, get back to me guys.