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  1. Any guidance on day trading firms in Canada? Already have an offer from Alkaline Capital but want to see if there are any other better offers out there. Would prefer firms who bank out of Canada as well (which is what attracted me to Alkaline) and not those Cayman/Bahamas ones as have had bad experiences there
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    IBKR :D
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    I used to day trade (from Canada) long time ago. I'd love to know what the going offers are these days. PM me please if you don't want to say it publicly. Might be able to get you in touch with a Canadian trading group - though not sure of current rates/deals anymore.

    PS they'd want to see prop reports showing profitability to join.
  4. lol looking for high leverage and hence prop firms is preference
  5. Alkaline is offering 80- 85% split to me with monthly payouts. Commissions starting at $0.0045/share and then lower rates on certain volumes. I like their platform Takion but if you would know other firms with better offers would be great to connect
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  7. Looking for cash equities and options only
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    So IS Alkaline regulated in Canada? and is it a First loss type of funding or Pure 100% Prop funding with performance based selection?
    by the way one one hand you say you want a firm which Banks out of Canada and the other you say you don;t want to deal with Cayman/Bahamas ones?
    Sounds contradictory!
  9. it is a first loss type of funding with min. $2000 to put down which I am fine with. they have structure similar to DTWW which works with other broker dealers so don't think they have to be regulated but they are registered in Canada which does help in case of things going south.

    How is wanting a firm to be registered and having a bank account in Canada and not in Cayman/Bahamas contradictory? I don't think you understood what I meant properly
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    Would prefer firms who bank out of Canada.. do you mean the firms should be Canadian regulated but have bank account outside Canada ?
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