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    Redneck, if you are looking to become fit and healthy again, just reduce by 10-20% of the calories you were taking in before "juice week". Eat the same crap as you were, but smaller portions. ADD a veggie juice if you want. Stay on that for a couple of weeks, you'll see a drop in weight, be mostly fat rather than muscle.

    On the juice thing, you'll suffer the same as chisel, a reduction in muscle mass, not good.
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    Hey Visaria

    No way I would / or could do 94 days - just trying to do a Cntrl+Alt+Del

    Signed up for 7 days, after today – 3 remaining


    Full disclosure

    During the day – pretty easy to stay busy and keep the mind occupied.., evening time is a different story

    So yesterday evening – ate 2 cups of hot air popcorn – nothing else added

    This evening – had a half of a pita, filled with grilled chicken, lettuce, tomato, cucumber, & white onion – nothing else added

    I’ve not been able to go totally cold turkey…, but..., it is a start

    And I'm starting to like it


    Until now.., I never realized how many commercials – even complete shows – are dedicated to food – damn

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  3. Im going to call it like it really is...

    Being someone who uses 10 monitors(19" 5:4 aspect ratio) when i trade on a daily basis ....except for weekends of course.

    1st: For trading you should keep your brightness levels on your monitors at no more than 70% of highest setting. Then to make up for the reduction in brightness U increase the contrast to 75-90% of highest setting. This setup keeps things looking nice and clear without glare eye burn.

    2nd: And I know some of you are very guilty of this.....especially some of you who are into playing those video games for hours and hours. Do NOT watch any monitor (whether its gaming, trading, or otherwise) without a room light on(unless you have enough sunshine coming thru during the day) ....preferably an over head hanging lamp of some sort that will balance out the directional glare coming from your monitor(s) **see pic below(2nd one (black shade)is the kind I use)
    Watching any monitor(s) for a period of time of at least 2 hours in a dark room setting will reek havoc on your retinas. Dont take it from me..just ask any opthalmologist. Use a neutral light source to balance out the glare from your monitors!!!

    3rd: The distance between your face and the monitor(s) should be at least 18-20 inches..NO LESS!! If you are using 2 or more monitors,, the distance should be at least 24 inches. In my case, when im sitting comfortably at my desk in my office face is a good 26-28 inches away from the 10 monitor screens I use. Approx every 30 min or so I glance across the room to the furthest object in the room to relax the muscles in my eye.( also told to me by my opthalmologist)

    About a yr ago I had retina burn in both eyes from a combination of too bright screens, face sitting too close(about 16 inches) to the monitors, and no neutral lighting in the room where I work. My eyes became blurry, very painful, I couldnt even drive for 2 was that bad. I almost ruined my eyes permanantly. Thanks to my opthalmologist's treatment and his recommendations on setting up my monitors properly, my eyes dont suffer anymore( even during 8-10 hour trading shifts. I learned my hard lesson..and hope you all learn from my hard learned lesson as well ;)
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    That's right, Vis, you need a lot of muscle mass when you trade size like RN :D:D

    The term "food" should be replaced by "drug":

    And in keeping with the theme of this thread:

    I've found charts with black background and as little white on the screens as possible to be very easy on my eyes :cool:
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    The human eye is not designed to stare at a screen all day.
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