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  1. nth


    LOL. Good point! Personally, I've done it to get leaner for summer. I guess I was trying to think of some way to supplement this juice he was drinking with protein? What do you do on the vegan plan? I don't want to look like a celery stick. I'm into different types of working out. And my body probably needs more protein than this.

    edit: so far I don't notice any vision improvement lol

    Drinking the juice now. And I remember the pain in the butt of cleaning the juicer. So, I had picked up a "magic bullet" that I'd almost forgotten I had. Way faster to work with, IMO.
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  2. chisel


    I juiced for 94 days in a row about 6 years ago. While I lost too much weight and muscle mass, I felt great and needed much less sleep. Remember to "chew" your juices to get the saliva going. Instead of that, I just chewed gum for 5 minutes before drinking.
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  3. Redneck


    Thank You Everyone

    Day 2

    Kale.., Spinach..., Cucumber..., Celery..., Ginger... Green and Red Apples.., half a lemon

    I also strained the juice as it was being poured into the storage container

    Much better taste



    I've had a headache all day long and fairly intense hunger pangs

    Full disclosure - I ate 3 Ritz crackers to put something on my stomach - it helped

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  4. You are just consuming juice, that's it, for the whole day? Stronger man than I.
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  5. Visaria


    Hey Redneck, why on earth are u doing this dumbo diet?
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  6. How many times a day are you "eating"/juicing ?

    Juice over ice improves the flavor ,imo.
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  7. Juicing over a hamburger and fries, also improves flavor.
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  8. Redneck


    Hey Visaria,

    In my twenties / early & mid thirties – eating right / in shape / active

    Late thirties / early forties - started studying..., became sedentary

    Also early forties – got married / became a dad (step) – diverted focus to the kids

    Time passes / kids are grown / here I am - my eating went to shit…,I have a gut… and a lot less energy


    Recently my body started telling me to get right or else

    I’m not viewing this as a diet – dumbo or otherwise - rather a starting point for me to get my shit gathered back up

    Still a lot of life to live

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  9. Redneck


    A 2 cup serving - as often as I get a craving - and I'm sipping (savoring LOL) it rather than gulping it down

    Also drinking a lot of water - but I've always drank a lot of water (I actually prefer water to everything else)


    Headache is gone - still having hunger pangs..., but they're less intense.., and my energy is up


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  10. Redneck


    Or/ and

    Mexican food
    Italian food
    Cajun food
    Chicken fried steak
    Fried chicken
    Hot dogs
    Pie / cake
    Ice cream (home made)
    Chips & dip
    Mac & cheese (home made)

    to name a very few

    :eek: :p :p

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