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  1. Good job RN.

    I stopped drinking soda a month and a half ago.
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  2. I have Black and Grey, with hallowed Green and Red Candle bars
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  3. You might want to try a low resolution color combo, worked for me. The black backgrounds w/ red/green foreground are super high-res. I use a pale green background w/ dark blue foreground & light gray for minor lines.

    My .02
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  4. NoDoji


    RN, a couple of my dyed in the wool meat-n-cheesers were hooked after a couple weeks of this. The first week's definitely a bitch.

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  5. nth


    That guy put out a documentary that's pretty inspiring to watch for someone wanting to juice. I watched it, ordered the juicer, did it for a while. Pretty hard to stick to and get back to it ( just so many food distractions) . It's been about a year since I used it. But reading all this, I should dust it off and give it a go again. BTW, I think the guy said he was a futures trader. Dunno if he still trades or what..
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  6. I too watched Joe's movie last year and ended up buying a juicer. At most I am juicing 3 times a week. Lately, once a week. I like it. It feels healthy and tastes surprisingly good.

    The big change for me was in December 2012 when I watched "Forks over Knives" about the health benefits of a plant- based (vegan) diet.
    The main benefits being less risk of cancer and heart disease. In January 2013 I decided to try it and see if it might boost my energy levels. (Well, actually, my plan was vegan Monday - Friday, weekends eat whatever I want. ) I didn't notice any extra energy but did like how I wasn't feeling stuffed and bloated like I would after eating a couple cheese enchiladas.

    I'm still, mostly, doing the weekday vegan diet. This time of year when I'm busy with work and not trading my diet has reverted back and I'm eating too many donuts, sausage egg McMuffin's and hamburgers . Come april 15 I'm back on the weekday vegan diet. I was actually thinking the other day about doing a juice cleanse also. A whole week RN ? That's impressive. I'm thinking 3 days max. I'll be checking back for updates on your experience :D

    Btw, I'm not positive but I think I first heard about "forks over knives" through a post by ND in some other thread.
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  7. Redneck


    For the love of man

    First try;

    Made a mix of kale, cilantro, cucumber, carrot, ginger, apple, and lemon

    First sip.., harkened me back to my youth and baling (in this case eating) hay

    Definitely need to use more apples

    And yeah I’m experiencing (or is it suffering) all the lovely side affects I’m sure y’all have


    My exuberance born of ignorance has been quickly supplanted

    But I’ve made a commitment.., so come hell.., high water.. or death (by grass overdose) I’m seeing this through

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  8. tobbe


    It gets better after day 3. Please keep us posted.

    For inspiration (in HD if you change the settings):
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  9. nth


    "This video is not available in your country. "

    IMHO, I think that specific diet can make a good cleanse, 7 days maybe even, that's pushing it I think. Or, great for an every day morning thing. But then getting some other healthy foods throughout other meals. That "diet" doesn't seem to have all the essential amino acids. So then perhaps the body turns to breaking down muscle to get what it needs? Amazes me that the guy went so long on it. And, I wonder how he is doing now? I saw the guy was consulting with a doctor. But what about a nutritionist. I'm convinced most MDs are not well versed on nutrition. I've seen some very clean protein powders out there. By clean, I mean close to zero carb and zero fat, also tested for heavy metals.

    And then of course, every situation is different. If faced with heart disease or any disease for that matter, I'd be more concerned about my heart then keeping muscle of course.

    @ RN LOL.. "grass overdose" it sure feels that way hahaha.. laughed so hard with that one! I'm with you bud. Let's do this thing. The juicer is dusted off. I'm headed over to get all these ingredients to have my first day of some seriously serious cleansing. Keep us posted.
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  10. tobbe


    Bugger. It was available for free for a while :( . I guess the only way is to use a proxy now. I can't edit and remove the link. First half of the movie is funny. The guy is a former futures trader btw.

    It's a fast not a diet.

    A few weeks ago he was just fine:

    Many are not, the one he consulted is an expert.

    Why would you eat protein powder (ever)?

    Good luck, keep us posted :) .
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