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Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by NoDoji, Jan 3, 2014.

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    These days you can use, OCO or bracket orders. They free the day trader to place orders and go make a snack, look at other ideas or sit on the can without worry, just listen for the audible alert to go off (cha ching for a profit or a police siren for a loser) LOL!!

    But indeed, watching the screen requires good healthy eating habits and a good nights sleep.

    The modern platforms are really neat with OCO orders, if NOTHING ELSE they can be a great reinforcement for undisciplined traders to absolutely use them to use STOPS. I find it is a piece of cake to get filled and have the profit/stop orders automatically placed. Sure helps the eyes to be able to look away without fear.

    It is also a snap to adjust a stop closer or BE or a 2 tick profit if a 4 or 5 tick winner is drawing is a drag to have a 4/5 tick profit go all the way back. The 2 tick winner (or even a single tick) allows for easy reenter if one still has faith in the original setup..........How many times have we seen in ES a small profit come back and actually allow a BETTER entry point AFTER we took the 2 ticker?

    D, have a wonderful year............ :D
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    dark grey charts made a big difference for me
    also glare can be as trying as white charts.

    I like to keep the lights off in the room.
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    One thing I found on this topic is as follows: every 20 minutes look at something at least 20 feet away for at least 20 seconds. You may be able to do this from your trading chair depending on your layout. If I can spare a little longer I go look at something at a distance out the front door. This has helped me. I was also having a problem with glare and changed the chart color background as another poster stated.
  5. Computer glasses may work. Can get at a Lenscrafter. Wear contacts less in day and when not needed let your eyes rest without using any corrective lens. When your out and about can take your glasses off to let your eyes get more rest. NY Times also did a story on them I believe.
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    This is the guy from the movie, "Fat, Sick, and nearly Dead". He said this is the recipe which saved his life.

    Long story short - After juicing for a while and losing lots of weight, he said his mind was sharper, and his eyesight also improved substantially.

    Healthy food. Amazing what it can heal.

    I did something I don't normally do, and pigged out on a bunch of Doritos yesterday. Even after a bunch of smoothies and healthy meals today, I just don't feel right. Damn the good tasting junk food.
  7. Is there an optimum color for the background of charts?
  8. As someone mentioned, gray seems to be the one. Also looking at computer glasses.
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    Being a self professed die in the wool meat eater…, and Mac & Cheese my favorite vegetable

    I read your post last night… did some soul searching / researching… , and ordered a juicer.., (what in the hell am I thinking)

    It should arrive later this week

    Friday morning will be day 1 of a week of juicing … pretty sure by (EARLY) Saturday morning I’ll be grouchiest bitch I know

    But.., there is a first time for everything

    Gee..,Thanks JNB

    Apparently soon to be - hungry… bitchy… and reading a lot more SI (hmmm, wonder how well raw meat juices)


  10. F.lux (free)
    gaming glasses
    cost a bit but its supposed to work.

    My self only have tried flux yet.
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