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    Hi all,

    I've seen all threads about day trading European markets and I am still not sure if, today in 2011, this job is doable? Anyone that is day trading European markets for a living?
    I've been trading North American markets for almost two years, but from abroad (Bulgaria) and this time difference is getting too hard on my family now. So I was wondering if I can switch to doing the same thing day time - European markets, instead of nights - what I do now?
    I will appreciate every advise or information on this matter. Any prop firms, or any platforms you can do this from home - thanks a bunch in advance!
  2. How can you trade America by nights from Bulgaria:confused: :confused:
  3. You trade indices in US, yes?

    Check out products from Eurex. You have many choices. Equity indices (Dax, EuroStoxx, etc) , interest rates, commodities, etc.

    You could also start trading forex. The London session transacts more volume and averages a bigger range than the New York session, so trading daytime Europe should be an advantage rather than disadvantage.

    I`m not sure who (if any) offers futures on forex though.

    Anyway, I`m surprised that you even question if there is something for you to trade in Europe :)

    There is also a sub-section in the forum on Eurex where you might find useful information.

    Good luck!

  4. You can trade FX futures on CME. Here's an article from WSJ re the growth in this area (just email the article to yourself to get around the paywall). I prefer futures to spot for FX for a variety of reasons (transparency, counterparty risk, all in costs, etc.). There are a lot of sites that compare the diff between the two. Just google "futures vs spot forex". Hope this helps.
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    Thanks for the info guys.

    Well - by saying trading America by nights, i mean 4:30 pm to 11:00 pm bulgarian time, which is still tough on having a wife and a small kid at home.

    About trading indices - yes, that could be possible - I have to look into that and see what are they charging you per trade , etc. I will check out the sites you have given me. I am just used to trading stocks and I was looking to find some stocks listed in Europe and I could trade with relatively small fees.

    About FX trading - I am not into it that much and it is just different from trading stocks, but it is definately another possibility for day time trading.

    Thanks again - I'll be back if I have any other questions or inputs.

    Happy trading to you and talk to you later