Day trading DX... U.S. Dollar Index futures contract

Discussion in 'Trading' started by fredb987, Aug 28, 2010.

  1. fredb987


    I'd like to start a thread that focuses on day trading the DX.

    I know the DX is commonly used as an indicator for trading other financial instruments, but I have recently started looking at the DX futures as a low stress way to day trade while working my day job (in other words, not having to babysit my open trades as much as I would many of the e-minis).

    I like the characteristics of the DX when charting it on a 133 to 233 tick chart. It trends nicely and allows me to make anywhere from 2 to 8 trades a day with a profit of around $100 per contract every day (usually more).

    I would like to get into some conversations about trading strategies of anyone else out there is interested in the DX.