Day trading derivatives futures.

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  1. maxinger


    6 oct US session

    shorted copper 30405, 735pm

    getting ready for NFEC news.
    will focus on eurusd, gbpusd, jpyusd, gold.

    I see that crude oil, Heating oil, RB gasoline have already gone down.
    as usual, HO and RB have very long candle, very wide bid offer spread.
    will consider calender spread. but then, its volume is pathetic.
    wonder how other people trade HO and RB.
    perhaps they have heart of steel and very big stop loss like 50 points / lot.
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  2. tfp


    Light, Sweet, yet always Crude
    Missed the short setup after London open, caught a mere 20 ticks after London close exhaustion. Ran out of fuel after BH Rig'atoni count.

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  3. Overnight


    That would be a neat trick, since that would be 500,000 ticks at 10,000 ticks/per point. $2,100,000 stop loss lol!

    But I get what you're saying. Those two can be very volatile and pesky. Think whiplash with an already broken neck.
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  4. maxinger


    oops. my mistake. I tend to remove the decimal points. I mean 50 ticks, not 50 points.
    50 ticks about $210.

    I think for HO and RBOB, we need about 30 to 50 ticks stop loss.
    If not, we might get stopped out easily

    I considered HO RBOB calender spread but I never like trading spreads.
    only the near month calender spreads have sufficient volume.
    far month calender spreads volume very low.

    Recently crude oil, HO and RBOB are rather correlated.
    The OPEC and Russians are talking, big boys keep on checking inventory & production day in day out, night in night out ....
    All these cause price to move.
    So there are many trading opportunities.
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  5. maxinger


    yesterday too busy trading the NFEC news.
    unfortunately, big boys were very disorganised and they made the
    eurusd gbpusd jpyusd gold charts very messy and jerky.
    Ended up no trading opportunity.

    I see that gold and silver went up much after NFEC news.

    Looking forward ....

    Must be mindful if there is long candle, next day market might continue with its trend ,
    or reverse totally (eg yesterday crude oil reverse down massively),
    or sleep (eg Yesterday Nasdaq was sleeping as last Thurs it has moved alot).

    must watch out for calm before the storm market. eg India Nifty.
    Last Thur Nifty was sleeping. Suddenly last Fri Nifty wake up and went up.

    dont bother about market that sleep alot.
    eg Nikkei has been sleeping perpetually. It might wake up one day but not worth the risk trading it. corn, soyabean, soyameal, soya oil, wheat, also like to sleep alot.
    Even US bond/note/eurodollar hardly move.
    Not very good for day trading but I think spreaders can profit from trading these instruments.

    don't read too much financial / economic / market news. it is very distracting to our trading. Just read the headline or title only.

    Be alert. More than 75% of the time, continuation and reversal signal comes out of nowhere and at strange hour. don't bother to understand why it moved.
    eg crude oil suddenly reverse yesterday. there was signal to short at 6pm (notice the round number?).
    eg sgx simci suddenly went up yesterday for don't know what reason. there was signal to long at 1142am.
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  6. maxinger


    9 oct asian session

    longed copper 907am, 30250

    longed gold 911aam, 12821

    Shorted sgx simsci 36720, 917am

    China people back from their loong holiday. Hope the big boys are eager to trade
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  7. tfp


    There's an old saying from the pits - "somebody do something!"
    Enjoy the holiday - tomorrow is another day...
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  8. maxinger


    10 oct asian premarket analysis

    Yesterday most asian index futures were alive.
    Yesterday ES and NQ sleeping. Russell 2000 was alive and down.
    Yesterday gold and gbpusd were up for whatever reason. Remaining currencies sleeping.
    same goes for energy futures like crude oil, NG, HO, RBOB.
    even food and animal futures also sleeping.

    But then when futures were sleeping, it could be calm before the storm.
    So be on high alert at all times. Who knows, rocket might fly anytime.
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  9. maxinger


    10 oct asian market

    longed copper 905am, 30440
    shifted my stop to protective stop

    shorted sgx simsci 910am, 367.20
    profit : 20 ticks

    longed gold 12884, 920am
    profit : 5 ticks.

    Interesting .... These are the futures I traded yesterday.

    OK. not going to glue myself to the chair.
    Now going out to do some chores.
    Hopefully the computer / internet doesn't breakdown.

    Later will check RB and Heating oil futures for opportunities.
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  10. maxinger


    10 oct european market

    market very quiet.
    Perhaps President Trump was quiet. so market quiet.

    will wait for another hour. if it is still quiet, will off computer then go for afternoon exercise and nap.

    shorted BMD crude palm oil 2716, 325pm
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