Day trading derivatives futures.

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    5 Oct Asian premarket analysis

    Most of the index futures day range getting smaller.
    Asian currencies day range getting smaller.
    same goes to crude oil and copper.

    But then keep an eye open because surely there will be at least one futures that is tradable.
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    5 Oct Asian market

    Longed sgx simsi 360.0 , 850am, reversal up signal.
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    profit : 20 ticks. Quite a straight forward trade out of textbook.
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    5 oct European premarket analysis

    major currencies day range getting narrower. perhaps calm before the storm?
    same goes to crude oil, ccopper.
    yesterday gold went up then reverse significantly.
    same for eurex bund.

    anyway be alert because signal can come out of no where.
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  5. maxinger


    5 oct european session

    longed copper 29700, 255pm.

    longed gold 12780 350pm.

    signal missed : short gbpusd at 3pm
    signal missed : long crude oil at 340pm
    sigh ... need to be more alert.

    Now that Saudi King is in Russia, need to watch out oil things.

    I see that heating oil and RB gasoline have been very wide range.
    can easily hit Risk reward ratio better than 1:5.
    Unfortunately bid offer spread uncomfortably wide.
    Wonder why these futures going up during european time,
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  6. maxinger


    fantastic copper movement.
    Tomorrow news reporters / writers will talk about copper price.

    Now something is happening to US index futures.
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    6 oct premarket analysis

    yesterday many many long candles :
    - sgx simsci long blue candle
    - taiwan index futres long blue candle
    - copper long blue candle
    - eurex btp long blue candle
    - NQ long blue candle
    - natural gas long red candle
    - crude oil long blue candle
    - gbpusd long red candle

    and 830pm tonight there is nfec news.

    So it means between now and 8.30pm, trading is going to be very challenging.
    whatever it is , better be alert because signal can come out of nowhere.

    OK. calling it a day. market is really sleeping now.
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  8. Overnight


    You might wish to stay away from Russel until 03.2018, when it is cleared out of ICE
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  9. maxinger


    yes. Russell volume from CME is rather low. It is picking up slowly.
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    6 oct European session

    shorted gbpusd 13110, 135pm.
    quite late entry actually. so trading with lesser quantity.

    watching copper movement.
    seems like no sign of price going down despite the report saying Chile earthquake didn't damage copper mines. perhaps report not true ?!?

    signal missed :
    long India cnx nifty 1210pm.
    sigh .... must be more alert.
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