Day trading derivatives futures.

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  1. maxinger


    profit zero. flattened position as AUD tends to sleep.

    profit zero. seems like US $ not strengthening.
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  2. Handle123


    Do you not trade coffee?
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  3. maxinger


    no. because I didn't subscribe to ICE data.
    also I ran out of monitors and table space. hope to fix all these problems soon.
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  4. maxinger


    3 oct US session.

    shorted natural gas, @2892, 913pm with reduced lot size since it has already moved since yesterday.
    profit : zero. ok. will stay out of NG.

    better focus on cattle and hog now and perhaps heating oil

    shorted Russell 15120, 940pm
    profit : 5 ticks
    longed Nasdaq 6002.5 949pm
    profit : - 4pts

    ok. calling it a day
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  5. maxinger


    4 Oct Asian premarket analysis

    Nikkei started to have a little bit of life. but most likely it will go back to coma stage.
    Mysteriously yesterday China Xinhua A50 went up significantly although this wk is China holiday.

    most trading instruments day range has decreased over the past 2 - 3 days.
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  6. maxinger


    4 Oct Asian session

    longed Audusd 7847, 840am

    longed gold 12775, 844am
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  7. maxinger


    profit : zero. flattened position as historically Audusd likes to sleep.

    let's see what Europeans are going to do with gold.
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  8. maxinger


    longed gbpusd 13290, 141pm.

    signal missed : Long India CNX Nifty at 1205pm. Reversal up signal.
    This signal is not that obvious. Need to improve signal detection.
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  9. maxinger


    profit : 30 ticks

    gbpusd profit : 5 ticks
    no momentum.

    longed eurex bund 16146, 308pm.
    yesterday it was up for don't know what reason.
    So can't take big position today.

    India Nifty perhaps big boys taking position before the coming India Interest rate accouncement
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  10. maxinger


    4 oct US session

    Longed natural gas 2946, 850pm
    profit : 30 ticks. quite straight forward trade.

    crude oil news at 1030pm. will see if there is any crude oil signal.

    perhaps will look at cattle and hog futures.
    farmers and traders have been very busy with cattle and hog lately.
    They are checking slaugher house, checking on packers, checking inventory, checking on farm etc etc.

    ES and NQ day range getting smaller. It might get even smaller unless there is some excitement or some major events coming up or some VVIP say something,
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