Day trading derivatives futures.

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    22 Dec US sessioin

    Asian and Eur session - no signal except XBT.

    longed copper @ 910pm

    XBT signal :
    short @ 923am
    reversal up @ 1204pm (you probably get few ticks).
    short @ 223pm
    still don't like like XBT spikey chart. It is spiky because very few people trading xbt.
    BTC is worse !

    US session might be dead. anyway better be alert.
    Luckily I already plan for vacation next whole week.
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    cont ...

    profit : +ve. good

    russell shorted @1020pm
    profit : +ve. good.

    another BTC short signal @900pm.
    seems like it is aiming for 10000.
    anyway will top up account before end this year, and start trading btc starting 2 Jan 2018.
    now it is at 11900. so still very very long way to go to reach say 10.
    ie opportunity is humongous.
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    2 Jan Asian session

    A fresh new year. Again there are tons of opportunity out there.
    Surgeon, engineer, lawyer ... need to be study and work very hard.
    They need to think in complex manner in this complex world to survive.
    For day trader, it is the reverse.
    The simplier the mind, the more money we earn.

    Day trading will overflow your cup.
    So get the biggest biggest cup possible.

    Asian index futures - day range has been rather healthy for the past few weeks.
    Last Fri US index futures went down alot. so asian index futures will gap down.
    after that, will asian index futures go up/down/sideway? no idea.
    aud, jpy - day range has been rather pathetic.
    gold - day range started to be healthy.
    copper, natural gas - healthy day range.
    bitcoin- day range getting worse. volume pathetic. also not worth taking risk trading it as leverage is very poor.
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    cont ...
    longed NG @724am
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    cont ...
    longed taiwan index @855am
    profit : +ve. good.

    longed hangseng @931am
    profit : +ve. good.

    my natural gas position.
    profit: at least zero. already shifted my stop to protective stop.

    hmmm. what is happening to crude oil? must monitor.
    is it a laggard?

    signal missed: china A50. well. can't possibly catch every single signal.
    anyway, I had longed Hangseng.
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    2 Jan India session

    copper was down. it appears that 3.3125 is the resistance level.
    most USd based not moving.
    India nifty ranging past 2 weeks.
    bitcoin. seems like zero pulse and it wants to sleep.

    ok. time for morning exercise, then nice lunch.
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    3 Jan Eur session

    yesterday eurex btp long red candle.
    eur gbp gold 2 days of long blue candles.
    there was a short signal for gold this morning @1017am.
    natural gas now close wedge.
    energy future sleeping.

    soon there will be fomc meeting minutes.

    shorted eurusd @330pm
    profit : minimum 1 tick. shifted stop to protective stop.
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    3 Jan US session

    my short eur
    profit : +ve. good

    my long eurex btp
    profit : +ve. also good

    cattle and hog - day range has been pathetic.
    soya bean - day range has been pathetic.
    I am sure corn, soya oil, soya meal, wheat day range would be worse.
    harvest season over?
    US index futures - yesterday long blue candle. today it might sleep. anyway better be alert.
    I see that heating oil and RB gasoline are up. I got tendency not to trade these.

    bitcoin - day range getting smaller at 870 points. this is untradable unless we trade options. no more excitement? novelty worn out already?

    tonight 3am FOMC meeting minutes.
    sigh ... why must I wake up in the middle of the night trading FOMC news?
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    4 Jan Asian session

    The greater the number of lots you trade,
    the longer you hold to stretch target profit,
    the more money you earn.
    Don't be afraid of earning too much money.
    Because you can easily donate the money to help the unfortunate.
    Don't hold on to it till your last breathe.

    OK. shorted gold just now. profit 50 ticks / lot

    Asian index futures appear not to move except for taiwan index futures.
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    5 Jan Eur session

    shorted copper @143pm, reduced quantity.
    longed bgpusd @155pm, reduced quantity

    asian index futures have quietened .
    btp and dax were up yesterday. however, its movement were rather spiky.
    gold, copper, natural gas - healthy day range.

    tonight nfec news
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