Day Trading Crude without indicators.

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  1. I have been day trading full time for 3 years. First 2 years stocks and E-mini with little success. Finally, i found a method which suits my style and i have been day trading Crude Oil for over a year now. My trading method is based off Mark Fisher ACD method.

    His book " The Logical Trader " explains ACD method in detail.

    I use concepts explained by Jim Dalton is his book " Mind over markets" to get context, market structure etc..

    I will post 3 charts daily. Pre open chart which will outline support and resistance levels for the day.

    Mid day chart to show if i executed any trades.

    Chart after Oil Pit Close to show trades from 12 pm till 2.30 pm eastern time.

    I will start posting charts from last week jan.23rd- Jan28th.
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    Nice DOM commentary, MF. Every time I chat with a CL trader who's screwing up perfectly good trades, I tell them: "Don't watch the DOM while you're in a position!"

    How do I know a trader's watching the DOM while in a trade? They suddenly say something like, "Uh oh, now it looks weak..." :p

    Good trading to you!
  3. I love crude, looking forward to checking in.

    What are you using for data, clearing, and execution? The reason I ask is because I see TOS up there. I think they have a good charting platform but I wouldn't use them to execute (slow execution, higher commish) IMO.

    Good trading
  4. 01-23-2012 end of day
  5. 01-23-2012

    I use market Profile in very broad terms. CL moves from middle of one bell curve to the next. It requires lot of effort to move price form one POC to next. Chart attached.
  6. 01-24-2012 pre open
  7. 01-24-2012 mid day
  8. 01-24-2012 end of day
  9. 01-25-2012 pre open
  10. 01-25-2012 mid day
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