Day trading courses in Brazil

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    So, i´m brazilian. Here is popping up day trading courses like i have never seen before... People are teaching candlesticks patterns like it was the holy grail. Anyone uses this as a serious trader?
  2. No
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    yes, idk anyone who is consistent that uses candlestick patterns
  4. It's a game of averages, not single bar patterns.
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    yes, in a course a guy explained about spinning top, inside bar and fakey... just a waste of time
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    it doesn't mean if you use candlesticks, tons of $$$ will fall from the sky.
    trading is more than just technical candlesticks.

    how to tell whether he is a good coach?
    He should trade live during the course.
    After the course, there must be followup sessions.

    How to tell if he is a con man?
    - If he say things like ' my system is very very accurate (> 90% accuracy) '
    - if he say things like ' this student earns $100k within one hour '
    - if he got tons of extremely positive reviews from hundreds of 'students'
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    Learning to daytrade is a difficult and time consuming process. It requires extensive testing of trade ideas which must be suited to that traders personal characteristics. What "works" for trader A may not "work" for trader B. Developing the real time cognition of price development and the behavior to use that recognition to profit is requires the dedication and extensive effort, of any demanding profession.

    If you want to learn about candle sticks, you don't need to pay anybody for a course, you simply need to buy a Steve Nison book on the subject. However the only thing you can get from a book or a seminar or whatever is ideas....ideas you must test as regards to a viable trade plan suited to YOU. If you are ultimately successful and most will not do what it takes to achieve success, expect it to take longer and be more difficult than anticipated.
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  8. I agree maxinger,

    Understanding and practicing with candlesticks just add another variable to high probability trading setup.
  9. speedo,

    Just wanted to say I appreciate your posts over the years. You and others have definitely help me honestly develop my mindset of trading and the amount of work it takes to be a consistently da trader. Thank you sir.
  10. 99% of the so called " teachers" are "teaching" because they can't trade. Just use your common sense. Who tha heck will leave a very lucrative profession where he can make millions of dollars to teach people over the internet for a few bucks? You don't learn how to become a trader. It is a change of heart.
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