Day Trading Commodities

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  1. Can anyone recommend a commodity contract that has enough liquidity to day trade actively. I currently trade the Index Futures and I'd like to study commodities for a while to see if there are any opps that come up while I'm waiting for setups on the Indexes. TIA.
  2. ??................grains, energies & precious metals might have some potential.
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    You can come to Minneapolis and trade spring wheat. It is about $100 month to lease a seat. Inter-market and calander spreads are popular as well as scalping.
  4. CL & GC
  5. Crude, Corn, Sugar, Gold.

    For additional financials beyond just the indicies you can look at EC, BP, JY and, of course, bonds and notes.

  6. I would trade the regular sized oil contract (CL). Perfect market for me, for intra-day trading.
  7. Thanks Everyone!
  8. I'd stay away from day trading grains during the US summer time.
    Just a weather forecast can swing the market limit up or down.