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Discussion in 'Educational Resources' started by brainpwr, Aug 14, 2009.

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    Hi, What are the best day trading classes to take in New York metro area?
    Are there good ones online?
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    Hi there, I don't suggest you to attend any kind of lessons. I suggest you to read books about trading.
  3. I don't suggest you read books, I suggest you experiment yourself
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    Well, you don't know what to experiment before you read something from a book.
  5. piezoe


    An excellent place to start would, in my opinion, be dbphoenix's e-book. Google dbphoenix and look for a link to his e-book. This has been recommended many times here on ET because it is among the most clearly written books on price action and interpreting price and volume.

    Also Thinkorswim sponsors an educational broadcast of a guy that trades stocks intraday. This can be accessed via the Thinkorswim platform (including the paper-trading platform). If you can't afford a mentor, the TOS broadcasts might substitute.
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    Thanks everyone for your recommendations! :cool:
  7. I have taken trading classes from:

    1) Online Trading Academy (OTA)

    (Rebate with )

    2) Pristine

    (Rebate with

    OTA's class is 7-day (Pro Trader 1 and Pro Trader 2), in-person. They have a branch in New York area I think. About $5k with scholarship.

    Pristine is based in New York (White Plains). TPM1 and TPM2 are both about $3k each. (Sweet-talk to them. They will give you discounts.) Taught both in-person and on-line, your choice. Can repeat on-line for 1 year.

    Both vendors are more legit trading schools compared to others.
  8. just started offering an In-House Coaching Program. It's a month long course that allows you to train and trade from their Manhattan headquarters. The cost is $10k and is taught by actual traders, not teachers who used to trade like at other companies. The lectures occur during the lunchtime hours and you get to sit in on their meetings and trade alongside them during market open and close. For the cost of the tuition, you also get lifetime access to all of their online training programs and 1year subscription to their Virtual Trading Floor. Sounds like a much better deal. They also do a free one day consult to let you meet the partners, see the trading floor and sit in on the current classes going on. T3 has a good reputation as well from what I see from other EliteTrader members. Prob worth doing the one-day consult to check it out.