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Discussion in 'Educational Resources' started by jack125, Oct 28, 2005.

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    Question. Has anyone ever found a good trading chat room ? If so, Please let me know.


  2. There are many threads here at already on this topic and all you need to do is type the words chat rooms when you use ET search menu...

    Now...since you have not provided any information about what type of chat room your looking for (options, futures, stocks, eurex, swing trading, day trading, scalping, educational, trade posts, price action only, indicators, elliot wave, general market discussion, breaking news, private, public, free, fee-based and on and on and on)...

    Most likely someone will tell you the names of a few rooms and you will be disappointed because those rooms don't fit any criteria that your looking for.

    That reason alone is why most that visit chat rooms find them a distraction and/or full of noise.

    Good luck because there are several good chat rooms out there.

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    hotcomm relay7:tradingelements