Day trading bonds

Discussion in 'Trading' started by accutrader, Nov 30, 2008.

  1. Are there any good sources to help learn how to day trade US bonds; chat rooms, books, courses?
  2. So when exactly was day trading invented?
  3. Surdo


    It really started taking off as the dot com bubble starting filling with air, right after Netscape went public in 1995.

    Remember Broadway Trading and WorldCo?

  4. So what have all the locals been doing in the pit for the last 20/30 years?
    I would never describe myself as a day trader but seeing as I do trade in and out of positions maybe a hundred times a day that just semantics isn't it?
  5. psytrade - Thanks for reference. I am going to buy the book.
  6. me2


    as long as any market has been open there have been 'daytraders.'

    in the usa had to get a membership to exchanges in ny/chicago/ to get 'member' rates otherwise commissions/slippage too big to overcome. also 1970's commission's discounted - schwab popped up- allow more upstair traders to trade off the floor and made it's way to the public w/ cheaper and growing technology.
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    It's a great book - centered around treasuries - tons of useful info