Day Trading at Charles Schwab

Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by DEM BONES, Aug 13, 2012.

  1. Would like to hear about your experience if you have day traded at Schwab using StreetSmart Edge?
  2. I have never used Edge but isn't Street Smart Pro their day trading app? It is based on the old Cyber Trader, which was a premier daytrading platform.

    As to Schwab they are a good firm but there are better choices for pure daytrading.
  3. WS_MJH


    It was a while ago now, but I used Schwab as my initial broker, also had scottrade for a while. Street Smart Pro was definitely one of the worst platforms I encountered. Definitely below scottrade, which wasn't good as well. Maybe for order execution it's ok, but it looked like something out of 1995.

    I used street smart edge as well for a while. It's certainly much more advanced than street smart pro. I don't feel it's nearly as good as a platform like thinkorswim, but it's at least a good step above street smart pro.
  4. How is Edge better than SS pro?
  5. Yuguru


    StreetSmart Edge is total garbage. Useless tools, memory leaks, and clearly built by B team traders/programers.
    The SSPro app was fine, but they puuled the plug on it.
  6. I haven't been impressed with Schwab's order execution, but I've got high standards.