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    whoever wrote that must have lost a ton of money in stocks and is now mad at the world. Lets not be subject to his bitterness brought on by undisciplined trading strategies
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    daytrading full time is for 'professionals' who have 10:1 margin and have high discipline.

    majority of amateurs people in the brokerage accounts don't daytrade. because they have day jobs full time. the biggest lost in the wall street casino is swing trading or speculation on huge long positions in stocks.
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    That is one of the most ridiculous and poorly supported arguments Ive read. It's all over the place and really based on emotion, not fact.

    The author makes a lot of definitive statements with no support that are completely silly.. like "Money is not made in the stock market day trading". Ridiculous.
  7. keep in mind though that atleast 75% of daytraders do fail. Success in daytrading requires patience for high probability setups which many people fail to do.
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    Having addicted gamblers in my family makes me particularly sensitive to this issue.

    1)Some of the talk on this website comparing poker to trading is gambling.
    2) If you are equating the two, you have no idea of what you are doing and should shut up and/or get out of trading.
    3) You don't get 75% @ Laughlin
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    they are both gambling...unless you know the outcome. Nothing will garauntee that the bet you place will turn a profit even with POCKET ROCKETS which is the best set up one could trade...
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    The stock market doesn't kick you out if you've gained an edge.
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