Day trading and swing trading skype groups for low value stocks <30$

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  1. There are two groups one for talking about day trades and the other for swing trades. Send me a private message with your skype and tell me which one you want to be in. The only rule is sharing at least as much as you ask. The objective of the groups is sharing what stocks you have an eye on, what do you think will be your entry and exit points, etc. The groups are in skype because most people trade from the computer anyway and it's usually considered less personal than whatsapp.
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  2. Baron

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    Why would you solicit people here to do this on the side when you could just post your stock ideas in the Stocks forum here?
  3. It's quicker and more interactive in the chat. For example if I enter a stock I may send a quick message on the entry point but I wouldn't go and make a post in it's corresponding thread.
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    You seem very new at all this. You are assuming that others would find value in your "entry point" message, but without posting a basis and rationale for your decision, there's virtually zero value in a real-time entry point message.
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