Day trading 30 year US bonds

Discussion in 'Trading' started by accutrader, Dec 4, 2008.

  1. The 30 year US bond trends nicely at times. For that reason and because it has less volatility than the E-minis, I have tried to day trade ZB. As well as having a fairly wide bid/ask spread, there seems to be a problem in that the bid and the ask can move several ticks away from the last price. The last price is, of course, used by charting programs. The result is that the price that you select from your chart may not be available. If you choose to use a market entry, the fill may be as many as 5 ticks from the desired entry point. I do not want to trade a longer time frame.
    I would appreciate any comments that may help trade ZB or advice to leave it alone.
  2. Trade the 5-year or 10-year instead. The 30-year doesn't correlate as tightly to the 10, 5 & 2-year. The bond can sometimes go off into its own little world with you leaning in the wrong direction. :)
  3. give him the ticker symbols.
  4. Nazzdack , Thanks, I will look at the 10 year note.