Day Traders--When did you all Start

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  1. Hey people.

    Hey i was just wondering at what age did all you start....????

    Im 17 and iv been learning for abour 3 months now from a GREAT day trading mentor. I just wanted to know when all of you day traders started?????

    Thank you
  2. At my old firm they had a guy who was 16. He had graduated H.S. early and didn't want to go to college. Turned out (so far) to be a good trader as far as I know.

    I think you have to start young before you develop preconceived notions as to how markets should act and how the real world reflects on markets. Those older who start have a lot of investing baggage and life baggage that skews their perception of the markets. IMHO.

    I started fresh out of college.
  3. lundy


    I started when I was 21, i'm now 24. I wish I had started when I was younger. As the years pass, I trade less and make more. I consider myself a veteran to risk and I'm pursuing a few other professions for diversity. All of it has to do with buying and selling tho... just not stocks.

    anyone want to buy a used car? It works great, never breaks down, looks immaculate, and i'm only getting rid of it cause i'm moving to australia.... oh and btw, i just bought it yesterday. :D
  4. No car, but I can get a really good deal on a bridge...
  5. same here..i started around 20 and i'm 24 also.
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    Started at 15 with penny stocks. Over the years have gone from buying options, to writing options, to trading stocks, and about 3-4 years ago found my niche trading futures and forex.
  7. when I started? I <i>looked</i> 24. Now I look 44.

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  8. lol that brings back great memories.

    i spent six months down in Oz a while back (supposedly studying but basically traveling and partying), and had to sell my car for extra spendin' cash before i left.

    it was a 1980's gunmetal gray Chevy Caprice station wagon, you could put ten people in it, perfect for concerts and snowboarding trips. my friends called it the sexy beast- so ugly and uncool that it was cool.

    p.s. i'm 26- Chas, looks like you're the odd man out, youth rules
  9. i didn't say how old i <i>am</i>, only how old I <i>look</i>.
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    I'm also 24 but no longer a pure day trader - too much noise in the short term periods! chasinfla very very nice pictures! please post some BIG aligators.
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