Day Traders: Losing Days

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    Thanks for your post, Tonka. I was planning to evaluate NT or Sierra for that exact purpose and had downloaded NT but never did end up doing anything with either of them because once I set up QuoteTracker I was very pleased with the charts and have been trading CL off IB's DOM (Booktrader) without any problems (except one inexplicable issue the other day).

    I think there would be advantages for me trading directly off a chart, and still may end up doing that.
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    It's the "so often" part that eludes me. On a really good day I'll take 6-8 of the 10 or more signals that present themselves. So I've had some $800+ days trading 1 lot, but still micromanaged the trades which further limited my potential profits. But on most days I only take 3-5 of the trades. It's become sort of a challenge to me, to see if I can just get through one day of taking all trades that signal. The more thought I've given this, though, the more automation makes sense.

    My bar-by-bar after the close is strictly off the 5-min, but when trading live during market hours I use the 1-min chart a lot, hence the micromanagement at times.
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    Sorry to change the subject, but I had to ask:

    Who's your favorite for the final?
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    I made some nice coin in the ES the day Spain was downgraded and I think they deserve an upgrade now :D
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    Good girl! - not that I'm biased or anything :D

    ¡¡¡Vamos, La Roja!!!

    PS: At the risk of being a pest :( you may want to take a look at NT's Strategy wizard (which would allow you to (semi-)automate the strategy without programming - you can of course later drive your husband crazy with the "final touches" :D ) If you don't use it for the actual order entry, it's free.

    (Pages 589-609)
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