Day Traders: Losing Days

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  2. Ammo, as an aside, are you a gun nut? A reloader? An ammo hoarder?

    You write very coherent beer posts, far better than mine. An honest answer? On ET? Unheard of! The following fiction reads much better.

    I am 65. I know, I know, time to grow up. I started trading about ten years ago when I began to get fed up with my so-called career. Trading as distinguished from investing. Are you going to insist that I say it? OK. The usual pitiful progression. Books. Traders' groups. Courses. ET. In that order. The requisite downhill slide.

    I have used ESignal all that time. I don't want to think about the cum-u-lative cost. I learnt to backtest early on. I backtested everything that suppos(itory)edly worked. You can guess why I quit backtesting.

    Then it occurred to me "I'm brilliant!" (Just ask me.) I can be like one of those rich indiscretionary traders I read about on ET who don't need no stinkin' oscill-cators. Wish I had all that money now.

    Maybe two years ago, I can't remember, I started getting hallucinations, probably from too much screen time. I was unemployed (my wife makes me say "retired"). I started seeing patterns in the one-minute and one-second charts. I started coding them up. Some interesting shit I never saw anywhere before. Probably a reason for that. Then nearly a year ago I started dreaming the market at night. Full-blown screen. Real time. Wish I could duplicate that ethereal internet connection and free charting during the day.

    Coded up the ideas I dreamt and continue to dream. Continue to refine them. Now trading is unutterably dull. What to do? Back to ET!
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  3. 1) automation only works when you can trade profitably, manually.
    2) Large firms , pair up real good traders with programmers,

    3) a programmer by himself isn't worth 2 cents.
    I do know how to program perl/ and some pascal lol.

    4) Miss 1/2 of the "ingredient" is like walking around with 1 leg.
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  4. OK, Cool, so to be a succesful lone wolf trader you have to be schizo?
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  5. sounds familiar.. :)
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  6. btw, is your skype group voice or text?
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    can u program, if so ,write something up tracking uvol/dvol ratio with tick in the middle somewhere,then a up or down transport vs the up or down spu ,mush em together and u have a live indicator,if u can get it to draw its own trendlines, and trade 1 lots you can retire ...can barely use a computer or i would code this up and try it
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  8. I agree with Arthur, once a model is developed that has a positive expectation there is nothing left to do but run the model.

    I'm 50 years old and have spent 10 years doing this. I know a person that has hired traders to execute his models signals and he does great but most of us (you whiners) don't even have a model much less the inclination to hire traders.
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    If it was text I'd still be hanging out with you guys all day! Once trading CL and ES I couldn't take the distraction of a typing chat room, because the chat window covers part of my charts, plus you guys kept intriguing me with calls like "Shorting BLOOF at .72" (Me, hamster wheel spinning in my head: BLOOF? WTF is BLOOF? Why are they shorting it? OK, here's the chart, hmmm no news on it but it just doubled in value in less than 4 minutes, hmmmm, I don't think I'd want to... "Sh*t, CL just dropped almost a point in 2 minutes!"

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  10. If this is anywhere near an average day for your method, then I must say its performance is nothing short of amazing. I realize that there is any number of people here who trade very short term intraday using 5-minute charts. Unfortunately for me, I just can't see it or get it. For reliability and frequency, I had to go sub-one-minute, which is why trading very short term off the 5-minute strikes me as akin to performing surgery using mittens. And yet the reliability of your approach exceeds that of mine. I don't know how you trade so well and so often off the 5-minute, but it is very impressive.
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