Day Traders: Losing Days

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  1. Why, RN, for white trash you are quite le philosophe! My only cavil with your excellent riposte is that I spent many dimes on many dozens of trading approaches consciously and rationally seeking success over the years, only to dream one that worked.
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    Thank You AD:)

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  3. RN, did someone else write this for you? I don't recall you being that smart before. My conflatulations to your brilliant ghostwriter. Very thought-provoking. And I think exactly the opposite of the behaviors you must exhibit to find and perfect a system:

    Tries to outsmart the market, knowing that most traders are losers
    Throws all so-called "rules" to wind and invents new ones
    Questions everything with the jaundiced eye of an oldster
    The less you "do" (trade) the faster you'll get to a system

    So it is small wonder successful traders have spilt personalities.

    Now I have to go. The neighbor's trash tree Bois D'Arc fell over on my single-wide and finished the job the last torenader started. So I am busy cleaning out the lean-to shed so's me an' the dawgs'll have a dry place sleep while the wife stays in the trailer and guards my vintage beer bottle cap collection. Cain't trust trailer trash.
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    Careful, Arthur. RN and me ain't just trailer trash, we's intellectual trailer trash!
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  5. Well, huffy, I'll have you know that I am no fool either. I spent three years in the ninth grade to get to where I am today. Reform school was a tough intellectual environment.
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    :p :p :p
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  7. Tohbo, you remember me? "Broken record, scratch needle?"

    Of that: "I still have confidence that in far less time than it would take to fully automate what I do now, I can master my own trading method."

    I want to say this: Don't underestimate the power of selective memory and memory invention to make you think your system is viable and robust. Only backtesting to tell you that. Backtesting may look like a steep hill to climb, but once you are on top of it you can invent and discard several new systems a day, greatly cutting the development cycle. Lightning tends to strike when you are standing on a hill.
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    I've backtested till I'm so blue in the face you can now start calling me Neytiri (though I really do like "Tonbo").

    In trading is a lightning strike a good thing or a bad thing?
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  9. I'm sorry. I haven't read your entire oeuvre, too many adoring fans hanging around, gag me with a spoon, but I would have sworn that you haven't coded and tested your current strategies, 20 sma and higher highs/lower lows, as I recall. What have you backtested to death? My apologies if I have been preaching to the choir.
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    I've been backtesting CL manually bar-by-bar almost every day for the past 6 months, then confirming the results in my sim account. Of course since April I've been confirming the results in my live account. I found it odd how easily I was able to trade almost every setup in my sim account without over thinking and micromanaging. I mean, damn, my sim Ferrari was on the line!
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