Day Traders Episode 1: The Pros

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    The ones you mention are fun to watch.

    For the real deal, watch:

    and let me know what you thnik
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    Sounds like a whole bunch of those "I used to make $millions a day but then I overtraded and lost Everything and I am trying to make it back" posts on ET. LOL And the presentation of the Sydney Futures Market is really the Australian version of "Floored" which I watched several years ago. Overall I find the video really captured the mentality of us traders quite accurately, being in the right trend is like riding on the tailwind of a comet, averaging up/down leading to more losses, as soon as you are in the market the market moves against you, stay focused and void of emotion...

    It's bit of a nostalgia to see those dial-up modems and to hear the crackling handshake sounds. I miss those sound...the good ol' days... :)
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    Meanwhile while watching your video, I found two other videos that explored other big market phenomenons, one is about the stock market crash of 1987 and the way to hedge against it:

    Another is about the Crash of the British Pound in 1997 that made George Soros his fortune:

    If only Britain listened to Thatcher and never joined EU (ERM at the time), they could've avoided this major crash and even the Brexit today. John Major was such an idiot, artificially pegging up the exchange rate of the GBP completely oblivious to how horribly the British economy was suffering. I can't believe people voted him in.
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    I know what you mean... the times of Windows 95... (a step up from 3.1) lol

    I have already seen these documentaries you linked and these are good one indeed.

    The Floored is nice, always liked it, but it is small part trading, more so about the demise of pits.

    I'm a big fan of Bulls and Bears, while technically made during pit era, has very little to do with pits, it is really 100% about the trading and the trader. Many of the lines in that movie could make into the books:
    be part of the moment, no past no future
    I'm not trying to predict where the market is gonna go,
    hindsight is 20/20 right through the asshole,
    markets are constantly evolving, I have to stare at it really really hard, then it (idea) comes to me
    you can analyze the charts, it's historical prices, all you see is the tail of the commet,
    you have to learn to get onboard and ride that commet, do what the market is telling you to do
    after a while (of chipping away small) you create these problems for yourself, you're wining wining wining and then you want that bigger trade

    if you like stuff about pit trading I can send you links to some good documentary. If you're into currencies then I have a couple other videos to recommend.
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    I am more fascinated by extreme world market events like the stock market crashes, the unpegging of the GBP, the Asian currency crisis and etc. These events teach us a lot about how everything works, the market participants, the financial sectors, those Big Boys, the politicians and the various agencies... After all, no matter how well we trade, it's THEM who controls everything.
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    I understand. The problem with these though, is that market moves around 250 days a year and these big events happen rarely. Also, you never know how things are going to play out, you can only listen to what the market is telling you to do. best of luck to you
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