Day Traders chatroom (Im in Montreal)

Discussion in 'Hook Up' started by 3acor, Oct 6, 2018.

  1. 3acor

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    Any Day Traders in Montreal?

    I have been day trading US stocks for 1 year now. I trade everything except very high priced stocks over 80$

    Looking to make a small chatroom (5 to 10 people). Even if you are not in Montreal, and you have some trading experience.

    Trading by myself is lonely and always good to share ideas/trades with others. :)
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  2. apo99


    Im in laval, trading for 8 years TSX listed stocks and pepper futures
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  3. 3acor

    3acor Guest

    I see, is the TSX liquid enough?
  4. apo99


    Yes there are many iliiquid stocks in the tsx and venture but thats what i specialize in.
  5. 3acor

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    That's good for you if its working, keep it up :)
  6. Sounds like a hot market.
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  7. apo99


  8. rb7


    What are you proposing exactly?
  9. Neuroway


    Howdy 3acor,

    I'm in Montreal part of the year. In love with the city. :)
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  10. cptnd


    I'm in Montreal, trading US equities.
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