Day traders behavior similiar to monkeys

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  1. 'Freakonomics' writer shows capuchin monkey behavior similiar to human behavior of day traders.

    "He also devised two games that showed monkeys could end up feeling as if they'd won or lost, even though they'd actually broken even. Their seemingly irrational preference for the "winning" game had Chen questioning how useful the monkeys would be as a touchstone for studying human behavior. Then he found that a similar study of day traders conducted by another researcher resulted in the same psychological preference. Even when they came out even, the day traders irrationally preferred to feel they won, rather than lost money."

    Full article:
  2. You may be on to something with this.

    I throw my feces at people walking by my trading desk. Starting to understand where that comes from.
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    The article is really interesting, especially the monkey prostitution.

    Steven Levitt, the co-author will be giving a talk here in Detroit next week which I will be attending.

    Should be interesting to here more about the new book.
  4. Whereas, no doubt, the targets of your projectile are more concerned with where it is going.:D
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    Anyone with a wife/girlfriend knows about this.
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  8. Ha, good one! :D