Day Trader turned bank robber

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    Giammanco, a single dad and private day trader, reportedly fell on hard times when the stock market took a downturn and he became unable to provide for his daughters the way he liked or pay mortgage bills.
  2. See what this short ban is doing to people?
  3. Why didn't he simply short the banks instead of robbing them? :D
  4. thats what happens when you are a permabull
  5. MSM stereotype, daytraders are bad.

    They rob banks.

    In the real world, banks rob people.

    Well, not directly, the banks have put together a gang headed by Bush, Henry "Bazooka" Paulson, Bennie 'Bearded Beancounter" Bernanke and hired Barney Frank and Chwissie Dodd as wheel men.

    They are robbing our kids and our granchildren and our grandchildren's kids who are not ever born yet of a lot of money.
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    Exactly my point. If you are a daytrader there is always something to take money out of, without a need to pass a note to the teller, no matter where the broad market is going.
  7. he was an Et-er gone missing
  8. Ahah, 401k investor would never do that!
  9. I was wondering what happened to stock_trad3r.

    werd :D
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    There was a 20/20 or dateline a while ago about a failed floor trader who did the same thing. Think he traded crude.
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