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    Seen this guy on youtube and listened to his podcasts.. is he really a "rock star" or does he fall into the "those that can't do teach" category? Thinking about trialing the paid section on his site. He pretty much uses 100% technical analysis. He mosty swing trades over several days yet somehow he thinks he's a "day trader"?
  2. Must admit, my first google search on day trading I came to his youtubes and was hooked. He was my first "dose" of the trading world. Just funny at this point. Memories. :cool:
    I can't speak for his abilities as I don't follow or pay for services like his.
  3. PPT


    please be skeptical of people marketing stuff, for a fee.

    trust me, you can likely figure it out with a little work, some screen time, and a ton of passion

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    Well said! Holds true in my experience.