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  1. I day trade and the chat room i have been in is shut down. Looking for more daytraders to pass ideas around with and form a community. I have a Discord server channel and some traders with me. I have been trading for about 11 years. Fulltime daytrader for past 4 years. I trade mostly intraday and st swings, stocks and options, mid and large caps, But also play low floaters/htb's. Trading is a loners game for sure but having a network of like minded people does not hurt.
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  2. Start a journal
  3. I have been trading US equities since last 9 years. Only intraday. Let me know.
  4. pm'ed you DBS
  5. I do the same and interested in participating in a daily chat.
  6. right on, pm'd u.
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    dbs stands for?
  8. i've been searching for a chat room, i would really like to get in contact with other traders and learn, hope to hear form you.
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    Welcome mister.
    I day trade various futures from CME group, HKFE, SGX, Eurex exchanges
    and occassionally TOCOM, BMD exchanges

    Still trying to figure out how to trade those exchanges from China.
    Those exchanges are very huge.

    Indeed at times, day trading could be extremely boring.
    Occassionally I'd express my thoughts in my ET journal to keep myself alert.
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