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    hi guys.

    here is my situation:

    1. I work for a foreign broker dealer.

    2. I was originally hired to run a speculative fund and handle a client or two. my abilities and knowledge grew that responsability immediately.

    3. I am the only one in the company that was a broker and trader in the states...and on a scale of 1-10, i would say my knowledge of brokerage and trading is around an 8. I have about 8 years experience. this is to include sturctures, regualtion, sales, and trading.

    4. I am the only one in the company that is not a lazy ass (other than the partners..but they are more focused on their REITS, which is our biggest product. to be perfectly objective, my knowledge eclipses that of the owners...simply becuse they have only worked locally.), and as a result, i have taken on multiple projects to expand the international department and increase sales.

    5.. I work my ass off, and it has been the board will decide next week to put me in charge of the whole sales force and international department.

    here is my problem

    1. Nobody else knows how to find ideas or trades for is a very bond focused society.

    2. I am considering subscribing to a service like to save me time and help find trades for the fund and my clients. I cant trust anyone else to do it...and it would take a very long time to train someone. at least in the next 6 months.

    3. I do mostly swing trades and would like to find butterfly spreads to "package" as structured notes...but i dont have the time to do the ananysis.

    4. i cant bring anyone in from the states, because of the employment law here and the potential costs.

    here is my question:

    1. has anyone used are they any good. they arent very expensive.
    2. can anyone recommend a service that could help find trades that i could glance over and make decisions on? I would basically be "outsourcing the research" temporarily. B.S. answers please.