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Discussion in 'Trading' started by stockgirl, Jul 7, 2006.

  1. Hi!

    Can anyone recommend some good day trade stocks with decent liquidity, volatility and range? Also, are Listed or Nasdaq equities the preferred exchange to trade.

  2. reg


    GOOG, HANS, CME all fit your criteria of decent liquidity, volatility, and range.
    Enjoy the ride. :)
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  4. Stick to High volume, more trend friendly stocks on NYSE. I would stay away from NASDAQ.

    Try MER, XOM, CTX, GLD, PD, FCX, NEM, GG, UNH, AET, etc..

    Look at different sectors and see what stocks have the best volume.
  5. SteveD


    Try INTC, CSCO and DELL.

    100 shares only till you gain experience. They don't move much intra day but they do move slow enough for you to learn how to trade in and out.

    Try to learn how they move off of support and resistance. How do they react to specific new versus general market news.

    GM and HPQ are two more. Both Dow stocks.

    All of these have a lot of "thickness" at each price level. I also find they tend to bounce off of "whole" numbers ie 18, 19, 20 etc

    Hang in there. Stay focused and ignore the "noise" that comes from Elite Trader posters, LOL.

    Good luck

  6. rjv27


    You are going to have to answer your own question with respect to the stocks. Trading requires a lot of research and time. There are a a lot of websites out there were you can plug in your criteria, and then you will need to review the charts for good candidates. There is no subsitute for hard work. But to answer the latter portion of your question, I personally like the NYSE.
  7. rcj


    StockGirl .... Often SNDK will often have lots of quick turns intraday with volume 3 to 10 mil shs a day. CTX and some of the other homebuilder stks can present some action intraday also. Right now they are especially sensitive to econ news.

  8. don't trade aapl. (you can tell I've obviously been burned)

    i second the anti-nasdaq recommendation. but what do i know. day trading and me don't mix well - i do it all wrong, enter wrong, exit wrong, over leverage, double up when it moves opposite my desired direction, get stopped out too quickly when i do enter stops, and lose the house when i don't enter stops. the other 5% of the time I do well.

    Net experience: stress and loss.

    this is my experience - i'm the one getting scalped, not the other way around.

  9. rcj


    Try entering with only a few shares, like 20, 30 or 50 at most.
    Much less stress while learning. with a broker like IB the cost
    is minimal and worth paying while getting experience. One should probably not do this with thinly traded stks.

    ... rj
  10. rcj


    I forgot to mention NYX. Watch it for a few days.
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