day trade - short SP500 here at 1230

Discussion in 'Trading' started by DeepFried, Nov 16, 2005.

  1. And close short at market close. Let's see how this puppy works out. :D
  2. To be fair, it was actually 1230.92 when I made the call. We'll see what happens.
  3. Ebo


    The Big Contract trades in .10's and the mini trades in .25's.
    Which imaginary contract are you trading?

    Nevermind, The cash index.
    Why do I bother?
  4. Good question. Now why don't you f*&k off?
  5. That's being hyper critical
    Presumably his call should be useable on the minis the bigs the SPY's or any other index tracking vehicle.

    Asking for a specific contract is just being argumentative unless its some sort of arb play.
  6. Ebo


    This business is a precise business.
    If you are going to "Fantasy Trade" at least be accurate.

    The Cash index is 1230.77 while ES is 1233.50.
    I have no tolerance for sloppy traders.
  7. It would appear that Deep Fried finds the challenge of paper trading too cumbersome. Alas, the trade would not have been spectacular had he "winged" the lingo properly anyway. Good day.
  8. What a bunch of pompous assholes.

    Gee, I wonder why this forum doesn't get more traffic?
  9. True, but that's the point of talking trash on the internet. :D
  10. You have been caught in a lie sir. You should do more research and preparation for fantasy trading. Good day.
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