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Discussion in 'Trading' started by dtstatus, Sep 10, 2008.

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    If I bought a stock yesterday, sold it today and then bought it back and sold it again today is that considered one day trade or two?
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    No, actually just one. The first trade you closed was not a day trade since it spanned 2 days. Therefore the other trade was all that was left to consider.
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    thanks, but from past experience the buy back today is the first day trade counted (sold/bought same day) and then the other sell is still open. Just trying to stay under the pattern def.
  4. Maybe I don't follow you correctly. Don't you have 2 closed trades, and one of them involves shares that were purchased on a separate day, so that would only leave 1 possible "daytrade"?

    Edit: I do get what you're saying .. the first buy/sell or sell/buy sequence in the same day was a "sell/buy" (today: sell to close yesterday's long, buy to open new one). But after selling today's long, you would only have a problem if you bought a new long after that (i.e., to hold for tomorrow).
  5. Same thinking here... I guess if the original position was opened outside of RTH, or more specifically, after the daily equity accounting takes place at HIS brokerage, it could be considered a daytrade.