Day late and $ short, Feds are coming after you scum. Here's some news fly.

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    Spurred by rising public anger, federal and state investigators are preparing for a surge of prosecutions of financial fraud.

    Attorney General Eric H. Holder Jr. is reported to be considering whether to form a task force to centralize the effort against financial fraud or to allow state attorneys general to develop cases on their own.

    Across the country, attorneys general have already begun indicting dozens of loan processors, mortgage brokers and bank officers. Last week alone, there were guilty pleas in Minnesota, Delaware, North Carolina and Connecticut and sentences in Florida and Vermont — all stemming from home loan scams.
  2. I still like your idea of public hangings.
  3. Nattdog


    hope they go after the people who signed "liar loan" docs too
  4. bozwood


    nope, they get bailout money, reduced principal, and a reduced rate.

  5. That's right. We really NEED to give taxpayer money and subsidies to people who fraudulently got a loan for which they didn't qualify. :mad:
  6. The culture of victimhood has got to end.

    If you're a moron, then you must be prepared to live like a moron, I don't owe you the lifestyle of someone who is NOT a moron.

    That said, anyone victimizing morons gets the business end of my rope. And if they leave any money behind when we confiscate 100% of their ASSets , (sorry wifey, and kids, yer dad was a crook, you get nothing), well maybe we can make reparations to the victims.