Day in Life of an Options Trader

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    Thanks for the links.

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    be interesting to see a follow up on that amex story today considering how bad things got down there
  3. Well,

    That first article showed me that I don't know jack about options...:(
  4. lol, i know the feeling.
  5. Funny. AMEX being "picked off". Right.

    A leaked SEC report on the internet details massive SEC violations in the AMEX options markets. And the report says the AMEX deliberately falsified reports to the SEC to cover up the violations. I don't think "crook" is too strong a word in those circumstances.
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  7. if you cant follow that article then you should def NOT be trading options.
  8. I was on the AMEX when they took him off in a stretcher. Pretty freaking scary if you ask me. But you had a couple of firms bidding for his post the next day. Business is business.
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