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  1. After reading many post here at ET, I must say that one will conclude that there is NO money to be made and we are all day dreming.

    one can not sell option ( sell ' juice' ) and have an edge , 1 out of 10 traders win the rest 90% loose. ...can not have an edge in this game, stop loss slippage due to market condition , bid ask spread is wide, system crashes, MM's are sharks

    I mean it goes and on and on and on.

    Ok , either trading should be illigal since all of this has been a conspiracy to lure investors and take their money

    also my conclusion is that only brokers have an edge and they are there to collect money out of all 90% loosers
    via bid ask spread or commission..and this is not fare to consumers

    this should be called Gambling, not trading


    there is money being made there by traders, and all the posts here are misleading ( misguided on purpose ) to mislead folks not to be involved in strategies that may work

    this is all speculation, gambling, and not trading since even if fundumentals can not predict the future..but may have an edge
    ..but still..this is gambling..

    this is definitly not 'trading'
    or even civilized at all

    any comments..

    I am noob, so i have not lost any money.
    but this is an amazing world, full of institutions licenced to steal.

    correct me if i am wrong

    reason for posting it here... ( only hope i had was options trade )
    but options are no different than regular underlying trading...
  2. mahras2


    I have made money for almost 4 years trading (equities mostly but FX more so now). I know of a trader who has been profitable and the minimum he has made per years is 6 figures for 5 years running. I have seen people who run funds with hundreds of millions to manage who make money.

    You see the gave is set up in a way that 95% must lose so that a handful should gain the outsized winnings of the losers. This means that most people will of course be losers and use losing strategies. The fact that you already feel that this is all impossible shows that you are definitely going to end up in the losers category if you keep up your current perspective. Sorry but thats how the game is structured. You just gotta play.
  3. If you have already seen that it would have been possible for you to make money picking up certain trades and leaving others aside your hope should still be alive but if you can't see any way to make money in this market then that's the end
  4. i happen to have a good winning strategy i worked on demo
    but reading the posts here is definitly discouraging.

    i start to think that even if i have a winning strategy,
    the brokers or some one will eat me alive..

    it is a law less land
  5. You are getting paranoid: you shouldn't be much worried of brokers and MMs if you are not making hundreds of thousands and you should't be surprised either that the majority part of posters here are losers and pretenders.

    But you have to clear up your mind because if you don't have a winning mentality a winning strategy can quickly turn into a losing one.

    Just my 2c
  6. thank you for the moral boost Bitstream :)

    and thank you for the others who left an encouraging word :)

    will keep the positive thinking...and concentrate on doing my homework
  7. Best of the best Cloned777777.

  8. Wait a minute..are we talking about just trading options? The earlier post mentions equity and fx...:confused:
  9. all of the ablove..

    options long or short..
    futures options fx


    does not matter..
  10. There is money to be made trading options, but you do have to work very hard at it. Maybe that's why 90% fail - they simply give up when they realise there is no "easy" money ?

    And the next one please....
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