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    Does anyone know the odds of a strong close the day before Good Friday?

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    April has been the best Dow month since 1950 (avg gain +1.9%) Day before Good Friday Dow has been up 5 in row.

    Source: Stock Traders Almanac

    PS. Monday (April 12) before expiration Dow is up 7 of last 8
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  4. I am shocked at the movement today...thought it would have been a crap day, but the last trading day of the week for the last several months has been outstanding.
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    Fox ES it looks like a good day to trade, but NYSE and Naz are kinda dead. A few opportunities here and there but pretty boring and slow.
  6. Yep, was talking specifically about the ES. Didn't want to trade today and got caught watching from the sidelines. Better to be safe than sorry.

  7. the "DOW" has been up 5 times in a row.....

    but do recall last year that August - September are among the worst performing months... and so is early-mid October in many past years; but look what happended!

    Further February during election years is considered one of the better performing months per Almanac; but look at this years'!

    I have not found the Almanac to be reliable over past 12 months.


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    Although early spring isn't historically the strongest season for the markets, Mar & Apr have average gains of 1.05 & 1.49% over the last 25 yrs. April has the 3rd highest avg monthly return.

    The market trades sideways around Good Friday, with modest 2-3 day gains/losses being frequently interrupted in the opposite direction.
  9. Since 1971 the day before good Friday the nasdaq has closed up 69.7% of the time.

    Happy Easter.

  10. Hmm. And I thought that the almanac was a marvelous tool...for balancing a wobbly table - every day of the year.
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