Day after thanksgiving?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by ajr34, Nov 24, 2008.

  1. ajr34


    anyone planning to trade? hear it can be scalpers heaven... thoughts??
  2. I'll be there...but I'm obsessive and really don't have a life outside of trading...but I'll be there, both in the ag futs and the eminis....
  3. trader69


    deadsville...usually good for some scalps, but also high probability of a debacle. I choose to let my food digest post holiday.
  4. ill be putting up the outlaws xmas stuff:(
  5. I'll be out buying a plunger.

  6. ?.....a diamond-encrusted, 24-carat, gold plunger?

    1) With the VIX in the 60's, "Black Friday" can be expected to have a huge, intra-day range.
    2) If it's a narrow-range day, the Monday after can be crazier based on the retail sales for the weekend. We'll see.