Day After State of Union . . .

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  1. The Nasdaq is DOWN 1% . . . 75% of the time.
    One month later, the Nasdaq is +3%, 100% of the time.

  2. Why you posting made up stats like that?

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  4. Why not???

    Besides, the S&P is back to unchanged as we speak looking pretty resilient, I must say!

  5. These stats are not "made-up" as you say.
    And I really think that you should apologize for the accusation, especially since you are a MODERATOR!

    Those stats are courtesy of Morgan Stanley

    Why don't you go accuse them of lying, too.

  6. OK...they're lying too...hasn't been true for ANY of the three SOTU speeches by GWB.
  7. :D
  8. First of all I'd be the first to apologize if I were wrong, but after I read what you wrote I pulled up the Compx from Bush's last State of the Union and it was about 1325 a month later it was 1342. Since I had 02 on the same chart I looked at it too. In 02 it was 1925 when he spoke however a month month later it was 1753. I don't have a calculator but that alone told me your post was Bullshit. Last year it was fractionally higher the year before that we were down 150 pts from it a month later.

    To start a thread and not even have the facts straight....thats my problem. As for the Morgan Stanley source...quote it or link it. I don't believe they would make such an error. If they did hey I dont' want to shoot the messenger but when something is clearly wrong like your statement to start this thread someone has to point that out.

    Rarely is something "100%".
  9. Go speak to Alexis Glick on CNBC.

    She was the one that reported the stats earlier this morning, and as you are well aware, she used to be a floor broker for Morgan Stanley on the NYSE. She said that she got these stats from a friend at Morgan Stanley.

  10. And get back to you 'Lanche.
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