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Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by funky, Jun 26, 2003.

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    today is my 63rd day of trading. yesterday was the first time i have made profits 2 days in a row. today is looking to be profitable. i feel sooooo great right now, like a huge obstacle has been lifted off my shoulders. i've been waiting for this day. sorry if i sound silly, its just been a long and frustrating road. what a learning experience it has been.

    the major things i have changed to get me to this point:

    1. found a system that was simple and unique, and that i believed in.
    2. patience to wait for the perfect setups.

    i still have to work on my discipline, taking profits too early, etc... but overall everything just seems to be getting easier. i see so many things that i didn't used to....headfakes, runups without volume and divergence, the overall market as it is trading. i know i have a LONG way to go, but i just wanted to write this down somewhere so i could look back at it and laugh.

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    Congratulations. 63 days? That is pretty fast, dude. Keep up the good work. Discipline, discipline, discipline.

  3. Great to hear!!

    You're on the right track.

    Keep it going.
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    Any insight on how you made so much progress so quickly? Specific resources you learned from?

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  6. funky


    lots of hard work. :)

    seriously, i have been studying way before i started....maybe 3 or 4 months. i started by joining a chat room that did breakout volitility trades. didn't fit my style. i met some people in the chat room who were successful and asked them what they did. simple as that. i quit the chat room and went my own way, and stayed in touch with this new group of traders who were doing that other style. i traded that for a while and just kept tweaking it until i was satisfied that it was right for me. found a timeframe(s) that worked for me. have been seeing my trading improve slowly and then bam, it was like i got patient, i'm only trading 3-4 times a day but i'm profitable. i learned to recognize my weakness (anxiousness and overtrading) and i consciously think about it while i'm trading.

    read every single book i could find (and there are still more out there, there must be! damn barnes&nobles and borders need to get more books on their shelfs so i can read them too -- sorry i'll buy them when i get profitable!) even if it didn't really apply. my life has been trading 24/7 almost for the past 5 months. just grinding it out. some elbow grease if you will.....

    this is just the beginning, i have a long journey ahead of me. i have to start scaling up in size and i expect that will be another hurdle for me to overcome. slowly but surely.
  7. Forget Barnes & Noble and Borders, check out: the books are alot cheaper

    OR it's an internet library for traders, you just pay shipping.
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    3-4 month learning period makes much more sense (a bit more believeable). Thanks for the info on meeting a group in chat forum.

    University business school libraries are a good place to browse the literature. I happen to live near the UC Berkeley School of Business (Haas). While an ok b-school (certainly not among the best in the US), it has a surprisingly good slection. No student ID required to enter, but you do need one for check-out.

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    Sounds familiar funky. I have been at it daily the past 3.5 months (2 years position trading before that) and I have been breakeven the past 2 weeks (usually a couple of up days then a down day or vice/versa). The thing that is helping me is I only trade one method and am trying to become an expert at that type of market behavior.
  10. Today's my 46th day of trading. I'm net down but if I don't break even in the next 45 days, I'm going back to work. It seems silly to wait for the blowout till you stop, then you end up like GG.
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