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  1. Where can you find the underlying stocks that represent the DAX?
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    Just a heads up... Just got off a call where it was decided that IB will be reducing Euro based futures fees to 2 euros per contract for the fist 1500 contracts per month (1.5 thereafter). June 3rd should be the ETA.
  5. Is that 2 Euros per contract all fees included- RT? Roughly $1.85 U.S. $ ?
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    yes, that is what I heard and sliding down to 1.50. (exchagne fees are lower in europe). Look for an announcement on the web site within a few days for specific details.
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    The Franfurt Stock Exchange/Xetra trades the underlying electronically. Before you get all excited, the market is not cleared for trading by the SEC by U.S. participants. The Eurex DAX futures and options, however, are covered under a different CFTC "no action" protocol and can be traded in the U.S..
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    def - 2 euros per contract all included, but not per round-trip I guess??

    DAX futures will be the cheapest contracts in the world in terms of commissions! ( maybe except pit-traded SP )
    When commissions for EuroBund futures will be lower? EuroBund has a huge volume over 500k a day. But - point is only 10 euros and average daily range is much lower than DAX av. daily range.


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    still 4€ roundturn would be amazing. just wondring where the profit for IB lies?...
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    the estoxx50 trades on the eurex as well, does anyone currently trade this, what are your experiences, and does anyone know where i can get a list of the underlying, also, does anyone know of a good euro conversion chart out there i can download and what are the spreads like on the estoxx thanks
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