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  1. which index correlates with DAX the best like 95% and above, and also available on IB to trade. thanks
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    i don't know about 95%, i haven't run the correlation numbers but i watch cac40 and it's fairly closely correlated with dax on an intraday basis.
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    Ultimately the EUR future (opposite).
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    DEX /FESX/ is possibly most correlated with DAX/FDAX/
    as most important components of FDAX present in FESX.
    but not 95% .

    FDAX best margin retail offered 2000 euro ,
    FESX 500 euro (eminilocal.com)

    But generaly you must expect a lot of problems with germany
    direct or indirect related products. Financial ,legal and
    technology are not developed as USA CME ,NASDAQ,NYSE ,

    Best wish milstar
  5. I don't know about percentage wise...

    However, whenever I trade the DAX...

    I'm very dependent upon the price action of ESTX50, FTSE-100 and CAC40 for information to help increase my odds of a profitable trade in the DAX and vice versa.

    Also, I'm not an IB user so I don't know if ESTX50, FTSE-100 or CAC40 futures are available for trading.

    However, on days of key economic reports in the U.S...

    If I'm trading the DAX...

    Instead, I'm dependent upon the price action of ES and YM for information to help with my trading of the DAX.

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    Try DAX, it is the best future with difference. I have traded it for two years and it is a very liquid future.
  7. We're talking about Eurex here.

    Eurex is in ways better than CME, CBOE etc.
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    The ESTX50 correlates with the DAX very well and is tradeable via IB. Watching it though because the DAX trades in a light and flighty fashion compared to the ESTX50 (which trades more deliberately like a bond contract), you may see the DAX leading the ESTX50.
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    Such as?

    Nonsense, have you ever actually TRADED a Eurex product?
  10. I agree that the technology used by Eurex is behind the CME, for example. Eurex is releasing a completely new version of its MISS servers and matching engine next month to take care of all of the issues they are having. They are also upgrading their lines to 256kbps. This will take care of the horrible delays that we have seen as volume picked up in the last 2 weeks.

    Financially, however, I am completely in disagreement with millstar. I can't think of an exchange more financial secure and with better controls then Eurex. I'm a member of both the CME and CBOT as well as a licensed professional trader with Eurex.
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