DAX, STOXX reco's

Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by brownsfan019, Apr 11, 2007.

  1. Seeing that I am trading at 7am EST with the EC, I've been taking a look at the DAX and STOXX Charts to give me another option or two to trade during the hours leading up to the US open.

    Just wondering if anyone here is trading the DAX or STOXX futures contracts and your thoughts on these markets.

    I'm not looking for strategies on how to trade them as I am simply going to do what I am currently doing, but just wondering if there's some idiosyncrasies I should be aware of.

  2. cmaxb


    DAX = fast. STOXX = slow. They move in parallel. Depends on your temperament.
  3. Thanks cmax. I plan to trade both, so I'll have to watch closely.
  4. ryank


    I trade Stoxx because the margin is lower (not a good reason, not a bad reason but it is my reason). I think it moves pretty good during regular trading hours. Like anything else it moves very little/slowly in their afterhours (although it doesn't trade 24hrs like the eminis).
  5. Thread revival

    Seeking comments on FESX (Euro Stoxx 50) trading during U.S. overnight session.

  6. well sometime i watch the dax and trade the es especially the night section 3 am to 7 am
  7. inet


    What is Stoxx's regular tading hours? Thanks.
  8. ryank


    I believe it is 2am EST to 4pm EST. I trades somewhat lightly from 2am to 3am then the volume kicks in until late morning. Just pull up a volume chart and you will see.