DAX spike and I.B. prices

Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by klw, Sep 9, 2005.

  1. klw


    Did anyone watch the I.B. pricing as the upward rebound came after the 40 point fall ( 1 min. chart ,10.21 Dax time ). Price was 7 points above actual price on the way up and then went 5 points below actual price coming back down ( 10.22 ).

    A disaster for anyone wanting a quick few points.

    Ftse prices represented the market from what I could see.

    Why is this I.B. ?
  2. fader


    i don't understand... - what do you mean price was above the "actual price" - what is the "actual price"? - i was watching the tick chart and i didn't notice anything unusual - do you mean the ftse futures price moved less.. so did the cac40 future - well, dax is more volatile if that's what you mean.
  3. klw


    Actual price = chart price.

    Prices quoted by I.B. were different on the dax compared to the chart price as I stated above. Ftse I.B. quotes were the same as the chart prices. I don't follow CAC.
  4. fader


    ok - who is your chart data vendor? in this case it's a question of whose datafeed is better, your chart vendor's or IB's.. datafeed lags are a known issue.

  5. klw


    I agree lag is an issue but not with mine - I have compared it to other broker's prices and it is fine.

    Anyone else see what I did?