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Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by daxscalper, Nov 23, 2007.

  1. Hi Folks

    From Monday 26th November I will be making live DAX calls in the chat room from 0800 CET.

    If you are interested in profitable index scalping please join me.


  2. What is your trading style? How many trades do you make a day?
  3. Are you sure you spell your first name Marc..and not Mark O.

  4. Really!? Is this Mark O formerly of Velocity? I heard he quit to trade full time...and also that he actually could trade.
  5. We will see... :) Yes, Mark can trade.
  6. RedDuke


    I trade first 2-3 hours of DAX myself (after stocks open). 10 to 30 trades per day. I will drop by whenever time permits. Good luck, but we all know it is not about luck. :)
  7. Well he will be starting at 08:00 CET time....not at 09:30 EST. :D
  8. Hi Folks

    No I'm not Mark O from Velocity...

    I am ready to trade from 0800 CET ie the opening.

    I am a scalper. I target about 30 points a day. At -30 points I call it a day.

    This can mean anywhere between 10 and 100+ RT trades.

    I have been scalping the DAX for a little over one year. I have been a scalper for eight years.

    I use openecry.

    See you in the room.

    Sorry about the bullet points!!

  9. RedDuke


    Hi Marc,

    How are you planning to trade in such high frequency and being able to post in chat room. I used to trade with a friend of mine via skype, just calling out trades verbally, and even this proved to be a distraction. You seem to trade on much higher frequency than I do.

  10. Hi RedDuke

    I will abbriviate my orders

    L48.5 = long
    S48.5= short
    C48.5= closed

    I seldom enter at market so there is time to post my orders.


    #10     Nov 25, 2007