DAX regular trading hours

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  1. What are the "regular trading hours" for the DAX futures? Not the full hours which are available on the eurex website, but the hours when the DAX itself is open. From the website it appears the bourse is open from 9 AM to 5:45 PM -- but I've seen 8:50 AM and also 5:30 PM as start/end times. If anyone could answer and/or post a link that would be great....

  2. West Coast time...the BUND opens 11PM and DAX and DJ STOX is Midnight and now trade through the CME close which is 1:15 pm out here.

    A very long trading day...but the volume does dry up late in our session.
  3. esmjb


    regular hours for the dax (when the cash market is open) is 9am CET to 5:30pm CET.

    that translates to 2am chicago time to 10:30am for the regular hours.
  4. Thanks guys -- sorry another question -- do you know when the DAX and the Bund contracts roll over? What about the 5 year and 2 year german bonds?

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    Have a look at the Eurex Trading Calendar

    The volume stays in the front month till the last day(s).


    Bernd Kuerbs